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A few words for me

Anastasia Varotsi
A few words about me...
  I was born and raised in Kozani, Greece. I have studied Environmental Engineering in the Technical University of Crete and got an MA in ''Waste Management''. My transition to traditional gastronomy was a destiny that turned out to be a real challenge for me.
  The experiences of my country's tradition, the home made pies my mum made and the scents of her kitchen, played a significant role so that the rolling pin, became part of my life. I make traditional pies and syrup desserts, all with hand made pastry sheet, love and artisty for my friends and acquaintances.
  It is said that the flavors of our childhood are our memories. Those memories are what i want to share with you and in this way i can take you to a savoury journey aiming at the preservation of tradition and the transmission of knowledge of an art which tends to disappear.
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